"Tell my dear priests, my dear sons,
that they must believe harder!
They must protect the faith of the Church".
"Tell my dear priests,
to say the rosary!
They must say the rosary every day! "

      The essence of the Apostolate MARGUERITE is a daily prayer for specific priest, as a response to the request of Mary Queen of Peace. Our Lady appeared to Father Jozo Zovko, a former priest of the parish in Medjugorje (Bosnia and Hercegovina), him and cried because of priests. Father Jozo recalls the words of Mary: “Tell my dear priests, my dear sons that they must believe harder! They need to protect the faith of the Church. Tell my dear priests, to say the Rosary every day”. Mother of God was crying because of the priests, as many of them stopped looking into the mystery of the priesthood with full humility, awe and thanksgiving, and many thousands of priests simply betrayed God-given vocation, abandoned this most honorable and responsible service in the Church and are gone forever from the state of priesthood, while leaving behind a considerable scandal to the faithful. They were capable, talented, but fell due to the lack of sufficient support of the Church prayer.

     Mother of God earnestly desires that all of the faithful love their priests, because every priest is like Moses who leads the Church through the safe route to the Promised Land that is to heaven. Without the faithful and wise priests, the Church does not know where to go, he lacks the supernatural source of sanctification (the word of God, the Eucharist, the forgiveness of sins, healing, liberation from the power of Satan), and the faithful become like branches separated from the vine. Therefore, Our Lady desires that every priest can again find his proper place in your heart, in your prayers, in your family, and receives the protection he needs, the spiritual and material support..

Apostolate MARGUERITE is a wonderful work of God. The name comes from the name of an extraordinary person that is Margaret O'Donnell. In August 1951, Margaret from Canada at the age of 13, contracted polio during a family gathering. She was taken to hospital in Ottawa, then to Montreal. After three months of treatment, she returned home, but she was completely paralyzed, she could only move her head. Margaret soon realized that the disease was her vocation, as for others is marriage, the priesthood or religious life. So she began devoting her own suffering by praying for the priests from her parish, in all intentions that she was entrusted. Every day the number of priests visiting Margaret increased, and they were asking her for this form of prayer. Sometimes she received 20 visitors a day. She lifted the spirit of many priests by her prayer, and helped many by her suffering. Margaret died on Good Friday, at the age of 40, after 27 years of living in stillness, suffering and prayer. On August 1, 1981 in Aylmer, Quebec, Canada, prof. Louise Ward, who knew Margaret O'Donnell personally, founded the Margareta Movement, which was inspired by the life and prayer of Margaret O'Donnell, and so she called it by her first name. The name of Marguerite in French means Daisy that is a field flower which in Poland is called margaretka (and sounds very similar to MARGUERITE, the name of our Apostolate)..

     The small white flower with seven petals, daisy, has become the symbol of the Apostolate which symbolizes dedication, simplicity and unity. In the center of the flower you write the name of the Priest, Bishop or Cardinal and on seven petals that represent seven days of the week the names of seven persons (or families) who are making their lifetime promise to pray for the chosen Priest, Bishop or Cardinal. Each person (or family) on one chosen day of the week prays for the particular one..

     Father Jozo Zovko did say: “One day a pilgrimage came from Canada. They were waiting for me in Tihaljina, until I returned from the funeral, Miss Professor, deeply touched by my sermon about the priesthood, and by Our Lady's messages, created the first MARGUERITE group. In the center of the first MARGUERITE she wrote my name. Then the whole group made the vow before God that they will pray for me for their entire life! Now I feel like a small fish in the water. Every day the Church is praying for me! Keeps me in her heart and is thinking about me! (...) Mother of God wants exactly that Christians keep their priests in the center of their prayers, in their hearts, and in their thoughts. After returning home please create a MARGUERITE for your priests. I say this to you as a brother, as a priest, just as on confession. Pray for us priests every day because we are weak. Without your help we cannot effectively preach to you the gospel. Accept Mary's invitation and implement it into your life! Only in this way can you deeply and truly experience what the Church is”.

     Many faithful people feel the call to prayer and so take on this task with love, also offering his personal sacrifice. From August 1, 1981 there were established many movements around the world based on the example of the first Apostolate. Margaret’s O'Donnell’s holy life has become like a seed that gave a start to so many of MARGUERITE prayer groups. They started to bloom in the gardens of the Church as a prayer for priests placed at the feet of Mary. .

     Don't gather your treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But gather your treasures in heaven. (...) For where your treasure is, there will your heart be (Mt 6, 19-21). .

     I will give you shepherds after my own heart that will protect you wisely and prudently (Jer 3:15).