The Marguerite Apostolate Center - the Centre for the Promotion of the Prayer for Priests in Poland was established in April 2009 in response to the growing interest in this form of prayer of the faithful.

The essence of the Marguerite Apostolate is a daily prayer for the specific priests, as a response to the request of Mary the Queen of Peace (more). Since 1981 Apostolate has been gathering the faithful throughout the world who generously support Priests with their prayers and self-sacrifice. Blessed fruits of prayers are reflected in the numerous acknowledgments and testimonies.

The members of the Apostolate Marguerite are people with big hearts who want to protect their priests by the most effective weapon which is a prayer and because of it they strengthen their personal relationship with Christ through the intercession of Blessed Virgin Mary.

Our desire is that the Apostolate Marguerite will be primarily a good school of life with God, and be appreciated by the priests, recommended for believers so that the everlasting gift of prayer would last.

Pope John Paul II pointed out that the future of the Church and the world depends on prayer. Apostolate Marguerite is trying to fulfill this mission through its humble contribution to the prayer of the whole Church.

Quoting further Blessed Pope John Paul II; “In a special way the Holy Spirit encourages the Church today to promote vocation and the mission of the faithful laity. Their participation in the life of the Christian community and the responsibility for it, and the presence in the community through various forms of the apostolate and ministry, let us, at the threshold of the third millennium, look forward with hope for a mature and fruitful epiphany of the laity. " With happiness we can see that the faithful of the Roman Catholic show great interest in praying for priests and that it is becoming more and more common. This beautiful work of the laity in the Catholic Church cannot remain without the support and care of the Clergy. The spiritual life of every human being requires constant formation, that’s way our mission is to:

• Promote and spread the Apostolate Marguerite - Prayers for Priests in Poland and around the world
• Awaken the spiritual and apostolic life among the members of the Apostolate and their families (organizing adorations, crusades, prayer meetings, retreats, pilgrimages, etc.)
• Encourage communion with Christ through Mary (deepening worship of Mary, acts of devotion)
• Celebrate the following feasts solemnly:

- Priests’ Day
- Day for Consecrated Life
- World Day of Prayer for the Sanctification of Priests
- World Day of Prayer for Priestly Vocations
- World Mission Day - Marian Days

At the core of the Apostolate’s spirituality we see the dissemination of the belief that every Christian is called to holiness and cooperation with Christ. The distinguishing features of the Apostolate Marguerite members should be: the pursuit of holiness, personal example of daily life and unceasing prayer for priests and for the Catholic Church in imitation of Mary. Members of the Apostolate will remember in their prayers also about consecrated people and in union with other movements will pray earnestly for a new, multiple and holy vocations to the priesthood, religious life, missionary life and hospice care.

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