1. Group of praying people

MARGUERITE can be created by a single person or family. What is important is that every day of the week someone will pray for the chosen priest. The symbol of the Apostolate MARGUERITE is a flower of seven petals symbolizing the seven days of the week. In the center of the flower you write the name of the priest, and on the seven petals of the flower the names of seven persons (or families). Each person (or family) makes lifetime commitment to pray on one specific day of the week for the chosen priest.

2. A prayer

Seven people connected by offering one day for the Priest, chooses a prayer which they like the best and continue this prayer throughout their life, even after the death of the Priest. Leaving the freedom in the choice of prayer, we suggest:

The Prayer for the Church and the Priests of Saint. Sister Faustina Kowalska (Dz.sF 1052) + the Chaplet of Divine Mercy

O my Jesus, I beg you for the whole Church, give her the love and light of the Holy Spirit, give the power to the words of priests so that they can crumble hardened hearts make them return to You, o Lord. Lord, give us holy priests, You by yourself keep them in holiness. O Divine and Supreme High Priest, may the power of Your mercy accompany them everywhere and protect them from ambushes and snares of the devil, who constantly lays them for priests’ souls. May the power of Your mercy, O Lord, crumble, destroy and shatter everything that could overshadow the holiness of the priest - because You can do everything. Amen.


The Prayer for Priests developed on the basis of the prayers of Pope Paul VI, contained in the Agenda of the Liturgical Diocese of Opole (Opole 1981 rs 215) + the Chaplet of Medjugorje – “I believe” and 7 times “Our Father”, “Hail Mary”, the “Glory be”.

O Jesus the Divine Shepherd, You who called the Apostles to make them fishermen of people’s souls, You who attracted Fr (the priest’s name)... to Yourself , make him Your fervent follower and servant. Let him share with You the desire for universal salvation, for which You make your sacrifice present on all altars. You, o Lord, who lives forever to intercede for your people, open new horizons before him so that he could see the world’s thirst of light of truth and love; and let him be the salt of the earth and the light of the world. Strengthen him with Your power and bless him. Saint ... (the name of the patron saint), whose name Fr. ... (the name of the priest) ... bears, I commend him into your special protection today. I beg you to intercede for him with God and help him in all his needs. Ensure that he will always be faithful to God and work fruitfully for His greater glory. Mary guard him from all evil. Amen.


The prayer for sisters (of saint John Paoul II) + the Chaplet of Medjugorje – “I believe” and 7 times “Our Father”, “Hail Mary”, the “Glory be” or the Chaplet of Divine Mercy

Holy Spirit, Love poured into our hearts, who grant grace and inspiration to our minds, the perennial Source of life, who bring to fulfilment the mission of Christ by means of many charisms, we pray to you for sister (…). Fill her heart with the deep certainty of having been chosen to love, to praise and to serve. Enable her to savour Your friendship, fill her with Your joy and consolation, help her to overcome moments of difficulty and to rise up again with trust after she has fallen; make her a mirror of the divine beauty. Give her the courage to face the challenges of our time and the grace to bring to all mankind the goodness and loving kindness of our Saviour Jesus Christ.

To you, Mary, Virgin of the Visitation, do we entrust her, that she may go forth to meet human needs, to bring help, but above all to bring Jesus to them. Please, obtain from Your Divine Son that sister (…) who has received the gift of following him in the consecrated life may be enabled to bear witness to that gift by her transfigured life. Amen.


It is advisable that the prayer commitments are not too absorbing, as it can lead to discouragement and abandonment of the Apostolate. What matters is perseverance and faithfulness to the promise made. Of course, instead of above proposed examples of prayers, you can offer one decade of Rosary, a litany or any other form of prayer agreed and recited by all seven. It is recommended, however, saying the Medjugorje Chaplet, because the discussed Apostolate was developed over there. The Chaplet is an old Franciscan prayer in honor of the seven joys and sorrows of Our Lady. Blessed Mother asks for reciting the old prayers used by the Croats, because they were brought up spiritually by Franciscan Fr. and thanks to this fact the faith was preserved in those regions while they were under the Turkish occupation. The Chaplet can also be recited in the way that was introduced by Americans: the first three are said in the intention for the victory of Mary in the ministry of the priest, the following three (trios) - to defeat Satan, the seventh one for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the peace in the world. You can also bind each of the seven triples with asking for the rebirth of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit (wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety and fear of God) as the Immaculate wants to immerse priests in the power of the Holy Spirit. Among some Groups individual days of the week are associated with certain gifts of the Holy Spirit. In this case, each person from the seven requests a particular gift of the Holy Spirit assigned for each day for their priest.


A) If the same person would like to extend their heart to God's love, they can belong to several MARGUERITE'S, for example, seven priests – each day of the week for a different priest. It is also possible to multiply the number of priests on the same day of the week to spread the intercession for a few priests, but in this case the chosen prayer should be recited separately for each of them.

B) After submitting the promise there is no need for the seven to gather together for the prayer. Everyone is praying in his location in which he/she lives or currently resides.


A group of seven people make a lifetime commitment for a prayer. If someone dies before the priest for who they are praying for. it is possible to find replacement for the lost member of the MARGUERITE group. If the replacement is not found, then the person who made this commitment takes the duty of intercessory prayer with him also after the death of the priest (in heaven or in purgatory - on the basis of the communion of saints) so that everybody would be able to reach happily the gates of heaven. If the priest dies before us, we don’t stop praying for him, because we do not know whether he is in heaven, or in purgatory, where he will need our intercession. We believe that God in his mercy is using every prayer offered for priests and is allowing participation in the exchange of spiritual goods between the group of seven and their priest.

Any day is good, for the oath, however, it is advisable to do this on a Sunday or Church feast, or at any other Church celebration, for example, retreat. If possible, a group of seven people should participate in the Mass and the Holy Communion. Then take the oath, using, for example, this formula:

"Today I .................................., as a member of the Apostolate MARGUERITE, solemnly promise to pray for my entire life for of Fr ........................................ So help me God, of the Holy Trinity, You Mary the Queen of Peace, and all saints. Amen. "

It is good to swear the oath before the exposed Blessed Sacrament aloud or silently in your heart, together or separately. You can lay your left hand on your heart, and raise the right hand up for the oath. The most important is that we do this with a complete freedom of heart, and in a state of grace. It is advisable that during this oath ceremony the priest for whom the intention (MARGUERITE) is offered was present. You should give him a picture (weaved, drawn or painted) of a white flower with seven petals (the symbol of MARGUERITE) with your names written on the petals and the priest’s name in the center. The card can be hand-made or designed on the computer. If the priest is celebrating Mass during the oath ceremony, he should offer it in the intention of MARGUERITE group or at least include it in the Eucharistic sacrifice of Christ.

In some cases it may be impossible to organize a joint oath ceremony by the seven, when such group is scattered in different parts of the country or world. In this case, the person who arranges MARGUERITE should synchronize all participants at a specific time and day to personally make the promise before God and Mary in the place of their residence and start praying at once. If there is an opportunity to meet together by the seven later on, then they can renew the pledge together.


God encourages some people to become actively involved in spreading of this kind of apostolate. A person who wants to create MARGUERITE collects a group of seven people, as a symbolic flower around the priest surrounding him with a prayer (it could be: Parish priest, vicar, a priest who is experiencing some difficulties, who asked us to pray, or for whom we have special gratitude). It is advisable to ask Mary for help not only to guide us in choosing the people, but also to lead us in this apostolic activity, because it is Her work.

By our own example we should encourage others to engage in the apostolate, informing relatives and friends about the principles outlined above, handing them the copy of this text. The faint-hearted, frightened, doubting in their own abilities we must convince that they should have confidence in God, who is not denying us a necessary assistance to remain faithful in our commitment.

Outward sign of belonging to the Apostolate is to obtain a card with the text of prayers for the priest. It is recommended that all persons involved in this apostolate could in some time personally offer MARGUERITE to Mother of God, going on a pilgrimage to Medjugorje, or do this by visiting www.medjugorje.org.pl by placing this intension there. We do this so that Mary could bless our commitment on the site of Her apparitions.