Till the end of 2015 Apostolate Marguerite limited its activity to praying only for priests but in the years 2009-2015 it achieved such a size that now it takes pride in having established thousands of Marguerites.

These days events and most of all the call of the Mother of God helped to unveil new seeds of prayer initiative in the messages. Since 2016 they have been being sown with the hope to obtain equally beautiful fruit as in the previous years.


The prayers for priestly and religious vocations action

Until now the price of the MARGARETKA set (8 blank forms) was one chosen decade of the Rosary for priestly and religious vocations. The price has been modified and now the person who orders the MARGARETKA set should say one decade of the Rosary (The Mystery of Light) in this intention. Moreover, we suggest the willing ones sai all 5 decades of the Luminus of Light for priestly and religious vocations every first Thursday of the month


MARGUERITE for a nun

Each female religious congregation or order has got its own charisma of ministering to God and neighbour. Nuns are often exposed to temptations of this world, they have a lot of various difficulties in their uneasy life they lead, so they need your help. The cross they carry is frequently very heavy, therefore your prayer is necessary to them.


Priests’ and nuns’ souls

Mother of God’s addresses proved the fact that there are many priests’ and nuns’ souls in the purgatory. These souls need as urgent prayers as our close dead relatives or alive priests and nuns here on Earth. Their intercession is helpful to us as well as is a part of God’s salvation plan.


Urgent help MARGUERITE

This initiative was taken after receiving a lot of alarming news about priests going through a crisis and in need for urgent prayer help. In such situations we are often assisted by nuns, who are the heart of the Church.


MARGUERITE for a bishop

A considerable number of prayers should be said for our diocese bishop. It is on his shoulders that the heavy burden of making important decisions regarding the diocese we belong to rests. This is why, we ought to seek our prayers to surround him.