Holy Spirit, Love poured into our hearts, who grant grace and inspiration to our minds, the perennial Source of life, who bring to fulfilment the mission of Christ by means of many charisms, we pray to you for sister (…). Fill her heart with the deep certainty of having been chosen to love, to praise and to serve. Enable her to savour Your friendship, fill her with Your joy and consolation, help her to overcome moments of difficulty and to rise up again with trust after she has fallen; make her a mirror of the divine beauty. Give her the courage to face the challenges of our time and the grace to bring to all mankind the goodness and loving kindness of our Saviour Jesus Christ.

To you, Mary, Virgin of the Visitation, do we entrust her, that she may go forth to meet human needs, to bring help, but above all to bring Jesus to them. Please, obtain from Your Divine Son that sister (…) who has received the gift of following him in the consecrated life may be enabled to bear witness to that gift by her transfigured life. Amen.